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What's new

v8.11 [27 Apr 2018]
Minor improvements.

v8.7 [29 Mar 2021]
- Tested for the Windows 11 preview version compatibility.
- The Applications tool:
- It is now possible to launch applications from the list as well as open their installation folders. The corresponding commands have been added to the context menu.
- A command to open the uninstall registry key has been added to the application's context menu.
- More accurate application sizes are now displayed. When calculating the application's size, the data files it has created are also considered.
- Improved the multiple applications handling support. If you mark an application in the list, a floating panel appears that displays how many applications are marked and helps you to start removing or updating them with one click.
- A new "Refresh Window Data" command has been added to the Settings and Commands menu.
- The applications' traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
- It is shown on the final application's uninstall step how much space has been freed.
- Usability improvements.
- Bug fixed: When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window, the list of files included in the backup was not complete.
- Registry Editor:
- The ability to remove the blocked registry keys was added..
- User interface improvements: The window's available space for the data output has been increased.
- An ability to choose any of the program's unofficial translations has been added to Settings.
- Bug fixed: The option Obsolete Tools -> Enable the Classic Registry Cleanup tool has been removed from the settings.

v8.6 [31 Dec 2020]
- The new version of Reg Organizer 8.60 that is already available for all users features the dark theme, which users have been asking for long ago.
- We have also improved the startup manager. It now allows for even more flexible and efficient customization of the operating system startup process.
- Disabling startup items: For Windows 10 and 8.1, integration with the operating system for disabling unneeded startup items has appeared. A disabled item remains visible but appears as a crossed-out item.
- Removing unneeded apps: We have added a possibility to remove the app that the startup item belongs to. For example, you notice the startup of a certain app that you no longer need. You can initiate the uninstallation process directly from the startup manager, using the “Uninstall %Program Name%” button on the bottom information panel. Alternatively, you can navigate to the “Applications” tool directly from the startup by selecting the “Open in Applications” menu item from the popup menu. This feature is available only for the items associated with the app registered in the appropriate sections of the system.
- Regular and secure startup items removal: Now you can delete a startup item in one of two ways: by regular or secure removal. In the first case, the item will be simply removed from the list, but this does not guarantee that it will not appear again. This method is recommended by default. If you use secure removal, Reg Organizer, in addition to excluding the item from the list, will make sure that it does not appear there again. This option will be useful, for example, when a certain app creates startup entries for performing some tasks, and this cannot be disabled in the app settings.
- Protected items: Support for Windows 10 and 8.1 services that run in Protected Mode has been added. These services cannot be modified, which is now indicated in the UI.
- Blocking startup settings: For some types of items, such as Task Scheduler items, popup menu commands “Prevent Changing the Delay Time” (for delayed items) and “Prevent Re-Enabling” (for disabled items) have been added. This is necessary when you do not want the apps that have created these entries to change the startup order or to run again on startup (for disabled items).

v8.5 [23 Dec 2017]
- The program has been moved to the 64-bit architecture (the previous program versions were 32-bit, but 64-bit Windows was fully supported). This gives a speed increase of up to 20% on specific operations, such as working with the system registry (if your Windows is 64-bit too).
- Support the cleaning of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.
- You no longer need to manually run Reg Organizer to completely remove an unnecessary application from the system. Just run the applications' uninstallers in any convenient way, for example, through the Start menu, Apps and Features section of Windows, or manually launch the application's uninstaller from its folder. To start using this feature, enable it via the program's settings.
- Some interface colors have been changed.
- Applications tool:
- When running the programs' standard uninstaller, the quiet uninstall mode is activated, if it is supported. In quiet uninstall mode, asking the questions by the uninstaller is disabled.
- Installing application with tracing function improvements.
- The tool's window look has been refreshed.
- Windows shell context menu commands integration has been rewritten and improved. You may use them to install the application with tracing or to perform the complete uninstall directly from the folder's context menu of the Windows shell.
- Improved look of the new startup items notifications.
- Earlier when installing a new version of Reg Organizer if the file could not be replaced, the error message "DeleteFile failed - code 5" used to be displayed. Now you will be prompted to restart the system in order to complete the update instead.
- Bug fixed: While installing the applications updates Reg Organizer could request to enter the license key despite the fact that it was already entered.
- Windows XP is no longer supported.

v8.4 [27 Nov 2017]
The priority level which delayed programs of the Startup Applications tool are launched with has been changed from THREAD_PRIORITY_BELOW_NORMAL to THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL. This is better suited for interactive (unlike background) programs.

v8.3 [10 Nov 2017]
- Updates for Installed Software: The software removal tool now provides a possibility to check for new versions of installed programs, which for a long period has been available only for Soft Organizer users. In this regard, was also renamed the Uninstaller tool to Applications, as it now applies not only to removing applications.
- Files Download Links: The “Private Data Cleanup” tool now has a new tab, “Files Download Links”. The fact is that when you download a particular file from the Internet, the link you download it from is written to the settings of that file. Accordingly, anyone can see it. Reg Organizer now checks downloaded files, and if it finds the data about the download source, it cleans these fields. After the utility has been used, it will be impossible to determine the download source.
- Regular Registry Backups: And the third interesting feature in Reg Organizer 8.30 is fine-tuning, which restores the disabled function of automated backup of the Windows 10 system registry. The fact that this feature was disabled in the last Windows updates, and since then, your operating system was unable to create registry backups. This process can be reversed by re-enabling this feature via Reg Organizer.

v8.0 [5 Sep 2017]
- Bug fixed: Startup Applications tool: Some applications that automatically starts from Task Scheduler could be incorrectly recognized as erroneous and marked red although they are correct.
- Bug fixed: The Private Data Cleanup tool could hang up when scanning the Chrome Cookies and Sites Data location on some systems.

v7.8 [18 Apr 2017]
- The Microsoft Edge browser cleanup: Cache, cookies, browsing history, sessions and downloads history clean.
- The Applications Uninstaller tool: Improved the accuracy of the applications installing with tracing function. Fixed the several possible cases when the entries not related to the traced application are added to the traced changes.
- The Startup Applications tool:
- Detects a larger number of incorrect startup entries. Such entries are marked red in the list and recommended for removal.
- When using the Search Internet context menu command the product name instead of the entry's name is passed to the search engine. This often gives more relevant results.
- When using the Search Internet context menu command for the entries, which are calling the third-party code by way of using the rundll32.exe program, the search results for the actually called module is shown instead of rundll32.exe.
- The Windows services are not shown now in the startup items list by default. To display them click "all startup locations" in the upper part of the startup tool.
Bugs fixed:
- The Applications Uninstaller tool: It was not possible to execute more than one install with tracing without restarting Reg Organizer.
- The Applications Uninstaller tool: Incorrect colors have been displayed on the left-hand panel under the classic Windows theme.
- The Applications Uninstaller tool: Sometimes after installing a program with tracing, in the list on the programs installed with tracing in the current session the same program could be shown twice.
- Some of the tips shown in the "Did You Know?" window of the portable version were applicable for the standard version only.
- Reg Organizer could close with the error message in case of system reboot or restart during its work.
- The registry optimization function has left the unused temporary files on the disk.
- No value was shown in the Size column of the Applications Uninstaller tool for many applications.

v7.7 [24 Jan 2017]
- Disk Cleanup:
* A new disk cleanup part: Recently Used Files. Allows to remove the information about the recently opened documents, and
* The Programs Error Reports section cleanup has been improved.
- The correct recognition of the system commands without the extension and the path, for example: "subst w: "D:\some\path\"" in the startup.
- Bug fixed: In the Startup Applications tool in was not possible to delay the items, which had in the names the characters prohibited in the file names, for example "?".

v7.3 [1 Feb 2016]
May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

v7.2 [28 Aug 2015]
Version 7.20 (August 28, 2015):
- The ability to remove files left after upgrade to Windows 10. The files from the previous version of Windows, as well as ones used during the upgrade to Windows 10 will be removed. This operation frees up about 25-30 GB on the disk, but takes a long time, and is therefore disabled by default. To enable it, go to the Main menu -> Commands -> Settings..., then in the tree-like list in the left part of the window select Disk Cleanup -> Disk / Locations to Scan, check the item titled "Old Windows version" and click OK. Now the disk cleanup will clear the files left
after switching to Windows 10, if they are present in your system.
- If the system is installed on the solid-state drive (SSD), the registry files defragmentation is not performed during the registry optimization. Only the compression is performed, which eliminates areas with already removed data in the registry files.
- When opening the registry cleanup tool the scanning starts automatically.
- Fixed bug: It was not possible to close the registry cleanup window during the scan using the cross in the window's corner.

v7.0 [3 Feb 2015]
Reg Organizer 7 – Truly Efficient Windows Optimization
A new version of Reg Organizer 7, a full-featured toolbox to maintain all key Windows elements, has been released. The program helps removing unnecessary apps and all traces they may have left in the system, speeding up Windows boot up and operation, and cleaning disks from superfluous information. It also assists in the optimization, cleaning and maintenance of the system registry.
Aside from the new fresh look, Reg Organizer features a lot of new improvements. The most noticeable of them is the disk clean up utility that was rewritten from scratch. In addition to a significant performance increase, it displays even higher efficiency than ever before. Also, new scan zones were added, and the overall logic of operation was improved.

v5.2 [25 May 2011]
Bugs fixes.

v5.1 [15 Apr 2010]
Now includes the updated program removal tool. Namely, now it features a possibility to track changes even for those programs that require rebooting the computer during the installation process.
Also the "Invalid data type for "InstallDate" error that sometimes appeared on certain computers has been fixed.
Besides, Full Uninstall now has updated system tray icon of the installation execution tracking agent.

v4.2 [1 Mar 2008]
The program supports the Windows Vista operating system.

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