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Reg Organizer 7.2

It offers you a very good set of optimization tools for your Windows system
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Reg Organizer offers you a very good set of optimization tools for your Windows system. You can use them to keep your system as fast, clean and reliable as possible all the time, avoiding undesirable errors such as instability and crashes. The included tools allow you to optimize key areas of your system, like its registry, filesystem, applications and little-known settings.

The program performs an express system check every time you run it and gives you a brief report about your system status. Next, you can start using the individual tools which are grouped into three categories - "All users", "Advanced users" and "Miscellaneous tools". Under the "All users" category, you'll find tools to cleanup and optimize your registry, cleanup your disk's filesystem and uninstall unnecessary and obsolete applications. The program performs a deep analysis of all the critical areas of your registry and allows you to repair all the detected errors at once or individually. As for the "Disk cleanup" tool, it analyses your filesystem looking for unnecessary files such as temporary files, programs' crash dumps, invalid shortcuts, old logs and Windows installer cache files. Once they're identified, the program removes them recovering the disk space as much as possible.

The tools designed for advanced users, on the other hand, are the startup applications optimizer, the tweaks editor and the registry editor. The first one shows you a list of all the programs that run automatically at windows startup time and allows you to disable any of them (or delay its load to avoid system overload). The tweaks editor enables you to set many of the hidden or little-known parameters of Windows, either automatically or manually. And finally, as its name implies, the registry editor allows you to edit your system registry, so you can use it as a replacement of Windows' "Regedit" utility.

Finally, one of the miscellaneous tools shows you your registry important parts and the other one allows you to compare two states of your registry, though both functions are purely informative. Unfortunately, the registry errors detected by the program can only be repaired after you buy a license and register the program, so it's not possible to evaluate the program's effectiveness in this particular area. Anyway, Reg Organizer includes a good set of system optimization tools which are designed for both general users and system administrators. Besides, the program keeps track of all the changes applied to your system registry and configuration and allows to undo any of them at any moment thanks to its "Undoing Changes Center".

I would recommend any Windows user running an app such as Reg Optimizer to periodically keep his/her system running in an optimal performance level.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Includes tools designed for both general users and system administrators
  • Allows you to delay the load of your startup applications
  • Allows you to set many hidden or little-known Windows parameters
  • Includes an "Undoing Changes Center"


  • Its trial version just detects registry problems, but doesn't repair them
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